Manipuri Ras Festival 2008 Bangladesh : photos and videos

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Manipuri Maha Ras festival 2008 organized by the Bishnupriya Manipuri community in Bangladesh. The first item was Rakhual or Gushthalila, the dance drama between Sri Krishna and his Gopal friends. For an excellent photo gallery of daytime programs and events of, please visit Ihtisham Kabirs Blog...

Place: Madhabpur Juramandav, Kamalganj, Moulvibazar.
10:00 PM (Nov 13' 08)- 6:00 AM (Nov 14'08)

This 7 years old girl plays the role of Sri Radha.

And the Krishna, he's young boy of same age.

The Rasmondoli - workers are busy constructing the fancy stage.

The main part starts with the entrance of Sri Vrinda, Sri Radha's main companion and messenger.

Vrinda's Arati with Candle Watch the video here

Sri Vrinda arranging the "Kunjo" and "Asan" for Sri Krishna with flowers

Krishna appears holding a flute in his hand

Krishna Nartan - Sri Krishna dances. Watch the Video here

The audience and Bhakta's cry out emotion

Appearance ri Radha nad Radha Nartan. Video here

In the north-west corner of the hall the Rasdhari, Sutradharis and the Badoks took their seats with traditional instruments like Pung, Kortal, Mandira, Moibung, Selbung etc.

The Gopis are preparing Sri RadhikaWatch video

Sri Radha dances with the Gopis. Video here

Sri Krishna meets sri Radha and the Gopis at the appointed place

The dance competition between Sri Krishna and sri Radha!

Sri Krishna lost to Radha, so the Gopis are taking away his flute

Sri Krishna begs to Sri Rsdha for the flute

After a long series of events Sri Radha returns the flute.

Sri Krishna dances with the Gopis

Sri Krishna disappears and Radha's Biraha

Sri Krishna apologies to Radha for his mistake and asks her to forgive him. What a scene! Bhagaban bows down to a Bhakta!

The dances of Gopis

The Bhangi Parengs. The tradition is while presenting a Pareng the audience cannot leave the place till the presentation is completed.

At last the Yugolmilana of Sri Radha nad Sri Krishna. Gopis are crying because they have to leave Sri Krishna and the great Maharas.

The Ras ended with the 'Arati' in which the whole audience stands up and takes part. The audience Bhakta's are crying. Some of them take dust form Radha-Krishna's feet.

Sri vrinda is also shedding tears. Watch the video of this sentiment of the religious devotion




Yet not finished ...

The Gopis and the performers of Rasleela haven't took off their costumes. They will have to perform a short demonstration back home for those who have missed the great occasion due to problems...

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* Sangram Singha, Sylhet


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