Manipuris in Bangladesh celebrate 166th ‘Ras Leela’ festival

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Manipuri communities living in Madhabpur and Adampur under Kamalganj upazila of Maulvibazar district celebrated their major religious and cultural festival 'Maha Ras Leela' on November 13. Celebrations were held at Manipuri Jora Mandaps in Madhabpur and the Sanatagore Mandap in Adampur.The Bisnhupriya manipuris celebrated 'Ras Leela' at the Madhabpur Jora Mandap and the Meiteis arranged their programme at Sanatagore Mandap, Adampur.

Manipuris have been celebrating this event on the 'Purnima Tithi' (full moon) of the Bangla month Kartik every year. This was the 166th celebration of 'Maha Ras Leela.'

The celebration included "Rakhal Nritya" (the dance of Sri Krishna with the gopals), "Ras Leela" (dance of Sri Krishna, Radha & the gopis), "Pala Kirtan," discussion on 'Ras Leela' and other Manipuri traditions. The programme started from 11 am on Thursday and ended yesterday morning.

'Ras-Mela' (fairs) were also held at the two festival venues. The range of products included Manipuri handicrafts, household items, toys and such. Thousands of people irrespective of caste and creed from different areas of the country attended the festival.


Rishikesh Sinha said...

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Henryy said...

Fantastic article.
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Sanjib Singha said...

I couldnt manage my time so missed the occasion this time. waiting for the photos and clips

Anonymous said...

Hi,I was there from the start of the day and I can say that was a wonderful experience for me.Visit my photo blog at blog.



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